KultaHirsi Golden Pine

Log houses, log villas, log cottages and log saunas − Turku, Finland, overseas

Established in 1999, KultaHirsi Golden Pine is a trusted supplier of Finnish log buildings, providing customers with a wide range of one and two floor log homes and villas, cosy log cottages and pleasant log saunas. In addition to Finland, the company has also supplied log buildings to, among others, Scotland, Japan, Greece, Spain and Italy.

KultaHirsi Golden Pine house − Finnish quality and know-how

All KultaHirsi Golden Pine log buildings are manufactured from Finnish pine and spruce wood. Log options include modern laminated logs, in addition to massive rectangular planed logs and round logs. Read more about KultaHirsi Golden Pine log houses »

A log house is a warm and ecological choice for a home or a holiday home. You can either choose a log building from our extensive collection, or, as more and more people want nowadays, we can even custom-build a log building, according to your own express needs and wishes. If you so wish, KultaHirsi Golden Pine’s own specialists can also construct your log building to the desired degree, from wood and hardware deliveries, even up to a turnkey principle.